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This project was born out of a passion for American history that can be traced back several generations in my family. For more than a century we have been proud Floridians and stewards of the Conservative way of life in the Sunshine State. When my Grandmother passed on I inherited not just her modest wealth but also a responsibility to enshrine the values she lived by. Over the course of her lifetime she visited 93 of America’s 128 National Monuments. This lifelong journey took her to 27 States and instilled in her a deep appreciation for heritage preservation work. In particular she had a great interest in cast bronze sculptures. With all this in mind I have decided to honor her through the Monument Keepers project. In recent years we have observed a rise in attacks on monuments that embody part of our heritage. As more and more statues are taken down - the national landscape is left wanting. Thankfully American history has no shortage of heroes. Monument Keepers is focused on the commission, production and dissemination of forward looking monuments. These are statues and busts that represent American bravery and leadership that all citizens can unite around. For every statue that is vilified and destroyed we aim to mount new idols whose heroism is unquestionable and therefore eternal.


Our work is grounded in the bravery and leadership seen throughout American history.

Team of Sculptors

Monument Keepers is partnering with a slate of impressive artists.

Coast to Coast

At present we are commissioning several new works and are negotiating public sites for display with 5 municipalities in 3 states (Florida, California and New York).